Visual Leadership ConferenceErin Howden

Visual Leadership Conference 2013

With Erin Howden
2011 VLC
2011 VLC
A sample of testimonials from previous conferences...
  • It would take a lifetime to adequately express my profound gratitude for the impact you have had on my life as a singer, a performer, a coach, a teacher and a person."

  • "Teaching choreographers to put together and teach a visual plan that works with the music is so necessary to improve out art form...thank you for the opportunity! Please make this an annual event!"

  • You have a unique way of speaking to large, mid and small choruses together and making the information valuable and applicable to all...this is a rarity in educational opportunities I am used to."

  • "You have given me the tools and belief in myself that has been buried...I could write more, but I can't stop crying!"

  • "I have learned more this weekend about our craft than ever before. I wanted to go back to chorus with a whole new confidence and you have done that for me...thank you!"

  • "Thank you for giving me the confidence to look for possibilities! You inspire me to share more with my chorus and our region."

  • "You are an inspirational and infectious leader and this should be the first of many of these conferences."

  • "It was so much more than just 'A Step Ahead'!"

  • "This weekend was unbelievable. Every second was invaluable and fantastic."

  • "You have inspired me to a whole new level of competence as a Director...thank you!"

  • "I want to take this course all over again."

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